Denim Shirt and Floral Skirt

DSC_1738DSC_1709DSC_1729DSC_1721DSC_1747DSC_1706DSC_1722DSC_1591DSC_1698 DSC_1700DSC_1756DSC_1735DSC_1739DSC_1714

Since I start blogging and I wanted so bad to style the denim shirt. It’s a stable piece in my wardrobe (so, pls don’t get bored if you’ll see it appearing again in my posts razz) and there are like 100 possible ways to style them with any bottom you have. But you guys know how much I love skirts. That’s why I chose this floral skirt from Stradivarius to wear it with the denim shirt.

Now some people asked me how I start putting the outfit together. I always start with the bottom (skirt, pants or shorts) and then I work all my way up (unfortunately shoes are my last minute choice mrgreen).

Sometimes I keep pieces in my wardrobe until I find exactly the top that I can imagine pairing it with (sometimes I keep it for long time then I even forget it’s exists rolleyes, so please don’t do that).

I’m so happy guys cause soon I’ll be posting my first collaboration with a very nice Accessories Brand (shhh… don’t tell anyone it’s a surprise wink)

Now aside from that, I would like to thank you all for your continuous support.  My blog is growing only because of you and I couldn’t be more happier.

Have a good day and Thanks a lot for reading my post.


Items of this look:

America Today Shirt

Stradivarius Skirt

Parfois Bag

Gap Belt

Charles & Keith Shoes

Aldo Accessories



High Waisted Shorts

DSC_1570 DSC_1568 DSC_1573 DSC_1579DSC_1576DSC_1549DSC_1546DSC_1573DSC_1553DSC_1575 photo11 DSC_1581photo22DSC_1584photo2 DSC_1556

These photos are from my last trip to Hong Kong. I love how Chinese people like to make everything cute even the decoration of the shops was totally different from what I used to see. All my personal photos in this post were taken by random people in the street. I was kinda shy and feeling embarrassed to ask people to take my photos, but what I discovered is Chinese people are really friendly and they love to take pictures. Actually some of them were really good in photography. I enjoyed so much walking in the streets and feeling the vibes of this city as that’s something very similar to my home town. I love these cities where I can enjoy a nice walk, eat street food and just melt with the crowd.

For my look I kept it simple and casual by wearing Sheinside famous Geek Crop Top teamed up with these black high waisted shorts which is so suitable for the summer. It was a little bit hot there but of course nothing compared to the heat in Dubai sad.

I hope you guys are having a fabulous day and Thanks a lot for reading my post.


Items of this look:

Sheinside High Waisted Shorts

Sheinside Crop Tee

Naturalizer Bag

Nine West Shoes

Stradivarius Bracelets


The Liebster Award

Liebster Award


Hello guys, I never would think that my humble new blog would be nominated for any award, but thanks to Fabi the amazing girl behind half way to New York blog for nominating me for the Liebster Award. If you want to get lots of ideas and how to DIY then go and check her blog out here you’ll find a lot of inspiration.

Now let me tell you about the Rules of this award:

  • You must answer all questions that are given to you.
  • Must link back to the person that nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 blogger who have less than 200 followers.
  • Provide nominees with 11 questions of your choice.
  • Cannot nominate the person who nominated you.
  • Must inform nominees of your nomination.
  • Provide nominees with a link to your post for more info.


The questions were given to me are:

1.  A Blog you visit daily: 

I love to read so many blogs but honestly I don’t read them daily due to my job (I work as a Flight Attendant) which takes the largest part of my day and sometimes I spend over 15 hours in one flightL, but if you wants me to name one I would say Atlantic Pacific is one of the must read blogs for me.

2.  Why did you decided to create a blog? 

It took me long time to create a place to represent my personal style but I was always looking for that. I wanted to create a blog so I can have a room for my fashion ideas and develop my fashion style and I hope one day I’ll be able to work in this amazing career as a fashion stylist.

3.  Favorite Lipstick Ever: 

So far, I’m so in love with this Guerlian Rouge G L’Extrait Matte Color Exceptional Hold in Red M25, you can see me wearing it in almost all my last 6 posts.

4.  If you could own a designer bag, which one would you choose? 

I’m not a big fan of wearing branded bags, that’s why I always wear any bag design I like regardless of its brand name. But if I’ll have the chance to buy only one designer bag I’ll choose chanel.

5.  The inspiration from your blog comes from: 

It comes from literally anything a magazine, fashion bloggers, bill boards, flowers, and you won’t believe it but sometimes I just close my eyes and then my mind just creates some great outfit ideas that I would love to wear, then I rush to write it on a piece of paper.

6.  Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? 

So far I don’t, coz I love all my shoes equally mrgreen

7.  Do you have a favorite part about blogging? 

My most favorite part about blogging is when I get to read the comments about my posts. It’s really takes time to post something good but it’s all worth it when you see people really like it.

8.  A place you would love to visit on vacations would be: 

Venice, I never been there and I would love to discover this city and enjoy its romantic ambient.

9. Describe your perfect outfit: 

You can make all your daily outfits as prefect outfit as long as you know how to put the pieces together. A perfect outfit for me would be a nice full skirt paired with a striped shirt, I’m a skirt girl and I can live all my life in them.

10. Favorite T.V show: 

I’m so into modeling T.V shows and I love to watch America’s next top model, I adore Tyra Banks.

11. If you could have a celebrity’s wardrobe, who would you pick? 

Olivia Palermo, I would wear every piece she owns wink


Now the favorite part of this post. who are the nominees?

  1. Rita from Dogma 96
  2. Olga from Nothing to Wear Style
  3. Noemi from We Believe in Style
  4. Nelly from Life’s Show Room
  5. Sonia from Sonia Luvs Fashion
  6. Deborah from Chicly Yours
  7. Sharon from A Fashion Crowd
  8. Elmundooo from The – Eche
  9. Victoria from Palm Trees and Happiness
  10. Ainur from Trendy Twist
  11. Kristine from Kristine B


And lastly my questions are:

1.  Tell us one story behind the scenes of your photo-shoots.

2.  What is your favorite last purchased item?

3.  What makes you read a blog post and stick around this blog?

4.  Which trend that you love to come back?

5.  What is your favorite movie?

6.  Which celebrity that you think has a similar style to you?

7.  Tell us 5 facts about your personality.

8.  What is the most achievement that you would like to have out of your blog?

9.  Tell us about your happiest moment since you start blogging.

10.  What is the toughest part about blogging?

11.  What are your favorite pieces of clothing that you can never live without?


I really enjoyed so much writing this post. It’s such a nice idea to let your reads know more about you and to promote your fellow bloggers too, if you guys have any more ideas or questions that you would like to share, please feel free to write it here and I’ll answer it all.

Have a great day.

All Pastel


It’s rarely that I do a photo-shoot at night coz it’s hard to take some decent pictures, but sometimes I can’t help it as it’s getting really super-hot in Dubai and it’s almost impossible to take photos in the morning cry. I went with my husband to this amazing restaurant (The Market Place) in JW Marriott Hotel in Dubai to have Iftar and I only chose this place because its amazing decoration, I always enjoy taking pictures there even with my iPhone. The food was really good too.

I’m wearing a pastel look today which I personally love especially if it’s teamed up with a full skirt. I bought this skirt from Topshop through Nordstrom when I was in LA. What I like about Nordstrom is the staff. They are really helpful and they try their best to help you find any pieces you are looking for. I told one of the ladies there that I’m a fashion blogger and I’m looking specifically for full skirts. Then she went up and down through the whole shop just to help me.  I was so impressed and I bought lots of things from Nordstrom which I’ll be showing you later in my next posts.

Sorry for the quality of the photos in this post as I don’t have a special lighting to take the photos at night. Also I was desperate to wear this skirt and show it to you mrgreen.

I hope you guys are having a fabulous day. Thanks a lot for reading my post.


Items of this look:

Mango shirt

Topshop Skirt (via Nordstrom)

Zara Heels

Accessorize Head Band

Zara Bag

Location JW Marriott Hotel, Dubai

I’ll Keep an Eye on You




Another trip to this amazing country Mauritius and there is no need to tell how much beautiful is this place, you can tell from the photos that I took from there. I recently bought this dress from Sheinside along with other few purchases mrgreen and I was waiting to go to Mauritius so I can wear it, but unfortunately I was not lucky enough because the weather starts to get really cold there and it was raining a lot sad. So I couldn’t take enough photos showing the dress and I had to snap more photos when I came back to Dubai. That’s why you can see this outfit in completely 2 different settings. And for my colleagues who asked me from where I got this dress, you can find the whole collection here

I hope you guys are having amazing time. Thanks a lot for reading my post.


Items of this look:

Sheinside Dress

H&M bracelets

Aldo sneakers

Location Shandrani Hotel Mauritius

Distressed Jeans and Leopard Heels



Distressed boyfriend jeans and a black shirt is the easiest street-look that you can ever create. I bought these jeans from Mango after being inspired by a lot of celebrities who wore it effortlessly chic, but I never make use out of it to its full potential. Boyfriend jeans are one of the strongest trends that came to stay. I wanted my look to be a bit edgy so I wore all these mega accessories and then I softened the look by styling my hair in a breaded headband and then tadaaaa biggrin………..!!!! the look is finished. My husband suggested shooting in this location (the roof top of my building) and I found it a brilliant idea. The only thing annoyed me is that I felt down on my knees when I was going down the stairs cry but I still managed to continue the photo-shoot (My clothes and shoes got really dusty but I tried to hide it in the photo-editing) .

I would love if you guys like to share your opinion about the boyfriend jeans trend and tell me how you like to style it.

Finally, I would really appreciate it guys if you can do me a favor and nominate me as the best new comer (fashion blog) of the year for Bloglovin Awards 2014, you can easily vote for me through this link Here or go to Bloglovin Homepage and you’ll see it Here

Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading.


Items of this look:

Mango distressed Jeans

Vero Moda Shirt

Loft Bag

New Look Heels

H&M Accessories


Summer Dress

DSC_0989DSC_0874DSC_0947DSC_0946DSC_0894DSC_0939DSC_0991DSC_0992DSC_0954DSC_0981DSC_0998DSC_0958DSC_0935DSC_1020DSC_0897DSC_0951Striped Dress


Summer days are almost ending  (not in my City of course I still have full 4 months of heat to go cry) and the only thing I’ll remember from the summer  are the amazing trips I did this year and maybe a little bit of tan which I’m still developing. But my skin doesn’t keep the tan for long. So the actual real things which will remain are these photos that I decided to share with you from this amazing place in Mauritius and I hope you’ll like it.

Btw I’m not trying to show off here or make anyone jealous as some people might think. I’m just fortunate enough to work as a cabin crew so I get the opportunity to travel and see the world and I wanted you to be part of my journey. I’ll try to give you my honest feedback about these places and show you around, that’s it. But believe me, by the end of the day nothing is compared to the feeling of being at home surrounded by family, friends and your loved ones. Boy, I miss home sad.

As you can see in the photos I had a great time with my colleagues who thankfully volunteered to take my photos. When I arrived to this place my eyes were instantly filled with a lot of beauty that my tongue can’t express. My look was a simple dress with a slit from Abercrombie & Fitch (also I bought it from LA) and I didn’t want to add a lot of accessories to keep the look fresh and not to distract you from the amazing back ground where I was. If you want to see more photos of this place you can check my Instagram account @fashionfootprint

I hope you guys are having a great day and thanks for reading.


Items of this look:

Abercrombie & Fitch Dress

Stradivarius bangles

Nine West Sandals