Pizza Can’t Make Me Cry


Recently I’m buying a lot of tops with catchy words written on it. I just feel it’s fun to wear it. I took this photos straight after my vacation, you can see how tan I’m :)  please mind the wrinkles on my pants as you know that I have a very impatient husband, so he couldn’t wait until I finish pressing my jeans :(


Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:

Pull&Bear Top
America Today Jacket
Mango Jeans
Koton Bag
Aldo Heels
Banana Republic Bracelet

Mango Cuffs


Shorts and Stripes



This is the first look of the outfits that I wore during my trip to Sri Lanka, although it was not 100% a pleasant trip due to some of my personal issues but I enjoyed my time there.  I’ve been thinking to visit this multi cultural society for almost 2 years and finally I decided to go now. The most thing that I noticed there is these people are really animals’ lovers, there were lots of street dogs lying down in the middle of the streets almost every 5 KM but it seems that it’s something normal and all the drivers are very careful not to hurt them. Sri Lankan people are so friendly with big smiles. I loved everything there from the nature to the food :) (if you don’t like spicy food, consider cooking your own meals as the food in Sri Lanka is very spicy) and the culture. Definitely I’ll make a come back again. I’ll be sharing more photos of this marvelous place in my next posts.

Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:
Mango Top
Adidas Sneakers
Michael Kors Bag
Stradivarius Shorts
New Yorker Shirt

Dress me Red

image imageimageDSC_0024DSC_0030


Did you ever had a day when everything is just not working right. Well, that what happened to me on this day when I was supposed to go to one of my friend’s birthday party and I was sooo late plus I had a bad hair day, plus some personal issues needs to be solved. So, I couldn’t go to the birthday party. But I decided since I’m all dressed up and ready to go why not to take some photos for the blog. So, I went out just for few minutes to take these photos and then went back home. I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t go to the birthday party and I didn’t know what to say to my friend. But I’m apologizing here for him and I promise I’ll make it up next time my friend (I think you know yourself :) ).

Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow I want to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day with your loved ones no matter what is your relationship status. I’m sure we all are surrounded by a lot of people who loves us whether they are family or friends, so please spread the love on this day to all your loved ones and show them that you care, and you never know when you’ll meet your true love.

with all the love…….


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Items of this look:

Topshop Dress

Ecco Shoes

Michael Kors Bag

Lovisa Cuff

H&M Necklace

Hola Barcelona



Greetings from Spain. I’m officially in love with this city, I loved every little corner I walked in. It’s so hard to say why I love this city cause it’s a feeling I can’t describe. but all I can say that it’s going to be on my destination’s wish list every month.

Camel color is so trendy this season especially camel coats. it gives you this wintery look that you always dreamed of and you can layer it with all your favorites’ sweaters keeping your look simple and clean.

I paired my coat today with this classic boot from EMU and I ended up with happy warm feet that kept me walking for hours ;)




*This post was brought to you by EMU Middle East.



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Items of this look:
Stradivarius Sweater
Mango Coat
Bershka Jeans

EMU Boots
H&M Scarf

Black Tied Necklace
Michael Kors Bag

Grey Hoodie



First, I miss you guys soooooo much and I miss posting here. There were  lots of ups and downs in my life recently and I really couldn’t post anything earlier, but I’m happy cause I’m here today writing this post and continuing what I love to do. When life throw rocks in your way, use it as a bridge to cross to your dreams.

Sporty Chic is my ultimate favorite style and you can never go wrong when you mix black with neutral colors. I hope you liked the look.


Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:

Topshop Skirt

H&M Blazer

Vintage Hoodie

Zara Bag

Vans Shoes

Nike Hat

Coachella Style



A Little Coachella style today. it’s a bit different than my usual style that you guys used to see me wearing since I started blogging, but when it comes to clothes I like to be more experimental, So I decided to create this look to match the festive spirit of this month and it’s also reflecting  the changes that I’m going through in my life. It’s true that life is sooooooo boring to spend it in one style and we all need a little change every while.




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Items of this look:
Stradivarius Top
Promod Poncho
Bershka Jeans
H&M Boots

Hat (Korean Brand)
Guess Bag

Red and Stripes



What I like the most about this striped top is my husband bought it for me from Spain. I love when he does this little surprises for me. Now back to today’s look, I kept the whole look neutral with different shades of grey and dark blue and I added this red belt to have a little pop of color.

Wearing these boots in winter is like wearing a heavy blanket in your feet :) it gives you the ultimate warm you need to keep you active the whole day.


*This post was brought to you by EMU Middle East.



Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.


Items of this look:
Stradivarius Top
Promod Vest
Bershka Jeans
EMU Boots
Gap Belt
Tory Burch Bag