Koton A/W14 Launch Event



Few days ago, I just attended my first fashion event in Dubai yaaaaaay. It was Koton A/W 14 launch event. I was soooo happy to be there for many reasons. One of the reasons is that I was surrounded with all these amazing clothes and I was checking the latest trends in fashion. The second reason is I got to meet a lot of my favorite fashion bloggers in Dubai.

The collection was really nice and trendy and the moment I saw it, I started already to style some pieces in my mind and making a mental list of what I need to buy this Autumn to update my wardrobe as there are some certain looks that I would love to try for the first time and it’s quite different from what I used to wear every year. I loved how some pieces are versatile and I can wear them differently. One of the best pieces I saw there was this monochrome print coat.

I had so much fun at the event and I was soooo happy to meet Weesha from Weeshasworld . She is one of the best Bloggers in Dubai that I love to read her blog. She has her original style and I love the way she mix and match colors. The other fashion blogger that I was sooooo excited to meet is Paul Ramos from thestylechoreo. He is a very stylish man and one of the best dressed men in Dubai. If you guys will check his blog you’ll know why. And I’m sure a lot of you will wish that their partners dresses like him.

Finally I would like to thank Robyn the PR representative for Koton for inviting me to this Event and Mohammad from Wetrendstyle for introducing me to the folks of fashion community in Dubai. It’s almost 6 months now since I started my blog and a lot of good things are happening in my life because of the blog. I think I need to write a special post at the end of this month about that (can you guys reminds me if I forgot as you know how is my memory) Stay tuned as More events are coming and I’ll be sharing the photos with you.


Thank you for reading my post and have a fabulous day.


The Granite Tee


Finally I managed to go to the beach to have some sunshine in my off days because I noticed that I don’t get enough Vitamin D which is necessary for our bones. I don’t have any problem with tanning, the only thing I hate is to lay down on the beach/swimming pool and start sweating just to get a beautiful skin color and then the color fade away in a couple of months, that’s really not fair angry.

I was wearing this Granite print Tee with a floral crop top underneath and of course my favorite Loft bag, what I like about this bag is that its super big and I can squeeze in as many stuff as I wish without feeling its really heavy because it’s made of fabric. So it’s perfect for long walks and going to the beach.

There are a lot of projects that I’m discussing right now and one of them is for a major brand smile. I can’t describe how much happy I feel about it, but unfortunately I can’t share the details with you right now, but I’m sure you guys will like it. So, stay tuned and I’ll update you soon.


Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.


Items of this look:

Mango Jeans

Pull & Bear Top

Garage Crop Top

Aldo Heels

Loft Bag

Calvin Klein Necklace


The Trench Coat


I just had an amazing time in Melbourne with my colleagues at work. And I couldn’t resist taking photos next to this colorful wall. Although it’s still winter in Australia but the weather was just perfect for this long walk. There is a huge park next to the hotel where we stayed in Melbourne and that was my ultimate place for relaxation.

The Trench coat is an essential piece of clothing in any women’s wardrobe coz it can glam up any outfit and gives you this sophisticated look. I paired here my floral sweater and jeans with this beige Trench Coat that I bought recently from Hong Kong. I bought it especially because it has this silky and soft texture. And I already have 20 different ways to wear it in my mind that I can’t wait to show it to you bigsmile.

I should admit that I was so bored before this trip and it’s completely changed my mood. Thanks to my lovely colleagues Katherine, Jonichrist and Marie for making my stay wonderful (I know you guys are reading my blog) and a big fat Thank you to my colleague Ali Breikat for taking my photos. Thank you guys so much, I love you all heart.

Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.


Items of this look:

Mango Sweater

Naturali Trench Coat (from Hong Kong)

Mango Jeans

Dune Boots

Guess Bag

Leather Skirt


Its 05:00 am here in New Zealand and I can’t sleep any more, so I decided to complete this unfinished post. I never felt comfortable in wearing Leather Skirts but I always admire them on other people. They are very versatile and you can easily dress them up or down and still look stylish. I paired my Faux leather skirt to this multi prints top from Sheinside and left the rest of the look minimal. And the good thing about leather is if it happened and you went to have lunch/dinner with your friends and you spilled something on your skirt (like i always do :-) ), you can easily wipe it out and your problem is solved, amazing hah :)

What do you think of Leather skirts and how do you like to style them?

Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.


Items of this look:

H&M Faux Leather Skirt

Sheinside Top

Black Tied Bracelet and Necklace similar here and here

Aldo Heels

Calvin Klein Bag

The Purple Dress


Wearing dresses in summer is the best thing to beat these heat waves. I bought this dress almost a year ago from a small shop in Seoul, Korea. If you read my interview here, you will know that Korea is one of the places that women really take great care of themselves and they dress fashionably all the time. I love how Korean women always look put together and their flawless skin (very jealous angry) is always glowing. I noticed that a lot of people don’t speak English in the shops but they made huge efforts to help me buying the items I needed (Korea is the best place to buy Skin Care products) using body language and they were all smiling bigsmile. Maybe learning few words helped me to communicate (I only know how to say hello in Korean confused ann-yeong-haseyo). Now it’s almost a year since I visited Korea and I’m dying to go there again but they don’t give me this flight, maybe I should seriously consider learning the language so I can get the flight more often. Watch out Korean crew cool.


Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.


Items of this look:

GINA Dress (from Seoul, Korea)

FFC New York Heels

Necklace worn as bracelet (Hand made by Sharifi Co. in Bangkok)

Parfois Bag

Earrings (it’s a gift from my mother in Law in Brazil, thank you Margarida)

GAP Belt

Floral Shorts


DSC_0019DSC_2194DSC_0018DSC_2170DSC_0017DSC_2197DSC_0009DSC_2184 DSC_0011 DSC_0005DSC_0001

Going out on a sand storm day is defiantly not the perfect idea especially if you are putting on a white outfit, but if you are living in Dubai then expect that to happen more often and you have to be prepared.

Having a sand storm on this day gave me no other option to shoot this outfit better than our parking lot. Yes, I had to take these photos in our building’s parking lot and then I have to head back home and wait a bit until the weather started to get better and then I went out with my husband and some friends for dinner smile.

Floral shorts are a big hit this summer and to be honest I’m trying it for the first time. I love floral skirts, so I thought maybe I should try also the floral High Waisted shorts trend which I found it nice.

I must give the credit to the accessories and especially this necklace which I bought from a small shop in Bangkok. It has a little story which I like to tell you (it’s totally optional to read this story bigsmile)

This accessories’ shop is owned by Iranian guy and everything there is hand made by him. The first time I visited this shop I bought a big blue necklace and a small red/blue one and I wanted so much to buy this red necklace as well but I didn’t have enough money that time. So, I told the guy next time I’ll come back I’ll buy this necklace.

And although I was not sure when I will get this flight again surprised and if it would be possible to buy it, the guy was very nice and he kept it for me (it took me more than 4 months to come back to get it) and since that time I always visit this shop whenever I’m in Bangkok. Sometimes these small little things that people does in life makes a whole different.


Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.


Items of this look:

Mango Shirt

Sheinside High Waisted Shorts

Julianne Hough Sandals

Necklace (Hand made by Sharifi Co. in Bangkok)

Zara Bag

Lovisa Bangle

My First Interview



Hello guys, today I’m sharing with you my first interview ever as a fashion blogger with Mr. Mohammad Mondal from Wetrendstyle. Wetrendstyle is the first online fashion community for bloggers and designers based in UAE. It’s such a big support they are offering to the fashion bloggers here and with their help I started to be contacted by PR companies and planning some future projects. Thank you Wetrendstyle for all these amazing opportunities that you gave me and for you continuous support to the bloggers and designers, I think you made our job way easier. You can read the full interview here.

Now a quick look back at when I started my blog which is not that far from now. although it’s been a short time with blogging but I felt it fulfilled a lot of needs in my life. I used to get so bored in Dubai (in between my flights of course as I’m constantly on the go) because I’m not a big fan of a lot of activities that are happening here, and as an Introvert person I prefer to spend my time doing something valuable and doesn’t require meeting a lot of people. So, the internet, books and magazines were my best friends and I totally enjoy them. Now I feel I found a good way to express myself and voice my opinion about my love for fashion which is not necessary the favorite topic by a lot of my colleagues. So, blogging gave me this golden opportunity to talk with like minded people and exchange our feedback.

I really wants to thank all of you guys for taking some time out of your busy schedule to read my blog, for being loyal readers for such unknown blogger like me and for giving your feedback and opinion about my looks and how I’m progressing. I might be away from home and so tired after a long 14 hours flight but reading your comments made me feel that it’s all worthy.

Also, I will thank my family, friends and my husband who is the hero behind all these nice photography in my blog. Who has to put up with all my crazy ideas and continues unfinished projects. Thank you honey.

With my little experience as a fashion blogger I wanted to share some small tips for the new bloggers who are planning to start a blog, but I’ll save that for later on so I can write more for you guys but for now I’ll tell you my best advice about blogging. Don’t start a blog if you don’t have the passion about it coz believe me it will take plenty of your spare time (that you are constantly complaining that you don’t have). Still don’t believe me then read the following.

A small fact about blogging, do you know that sometimes it takes me over 4 hours to prepare a post?

If you would like to share your experience about blogging since you started please feel free to write it down.

Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Love you all