Elena Burba Sweater

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Working with international designers enriches my styling skills, and it proves me one thing, fashion has no language barrier. If you have a good taste it will speak loudly about you without saying a word, don’t you agree?

I was impressed when I got introduced to Elena Burba. This Ukrainian designer has it all. She knows how to work with colors very well, you can see that clearly in her pastel collections. Her designs screams delicateness with modern perspective. I didn’t know that she designs casual wear too, until I saw this sweater. The design is so effortlessly chic.

You can check the entire collection on her website here, or if you like shopping trips you can find her at DESIGN 971 shop, Dubai Mall, The Village.

I’m all about oversized sweaters, knits and hair tucks this winter. It’s the minimal, casual contemporary school.



Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:
Banana Republic Skirt
Elena Burba Sweater
Seed Heritage Bag
Michael Kors Watch
Adidas Sneakers
Lovisa Accessories


Tweed Top


Textures and fabrics can make or break any outfit. You can wear all one color outfit without looking boring if you know how to play with textures. This luxurious tweed top  from MOUNAY designs via Moda Corner makes a statement by itself , I love the structured cut and the little knot at the shoulder. It’s a versatile piece and I can wear it at day or night.

Now let’s get real. I don’t know if you noticed that I switched my Instagram theme recently to more like a minimal gallery. I feel so much better fitting in this theme. I was struggling for a long time to express my thoughts the way it is without worrying about being accepted or not, I just wanted my feed and my work in general to scream meeeee and I couldn’t be any happier.

It’s almost 2 years now since I start blogging and I think it’s time to share my personal experience about blogging and other things related to this job like dealing with PR companies, brands, how I’m organizing my posts and how to keep true to your style. I’ll be sharing my thoughts about these topics with you starting from next month (since this month is fully packed).

Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:
Bershka Jeans
MOUNAY Top via Moda Corner, find it here
Pedro Bag
Daniel Wellington Watch
Ecco Boots
Mango Coat




Excited to share with you this total BCBGMAXAZRIA look from their AW 2015 collection that I recently styled.

I wanted to go for something casual chic, so I chose this burgundy leather skirt. It’s nice to have a little change from the normal black leather skirt.

What I loved about BCBGMAXAZRIA collection is that they have a lot of key pieces like the black turtle neck, the cape and the wide leg trousers, and also some trendy items like this burgundy A line skirt.

It’s so important to have some staple pieces in your wardrobe when you are building your winter closet. These classic items will never go out of style and it will save you a hell lot of time every morning, because you can easily style it many ways.




Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:

Seed Heritage Bag
Daniel Wellington Watch
Glassons Boots
Lovisa Bracelet

Marla London SS16


Today I’m sharing with you the photos from my recent photoshoot with Marla London featuring this fringe bag from their SS16 collection.

Marla London new collection combines cool femininity and laid back nonchalance. I chose this fringe bag cause I felt it will match my personality, but they really do have wide range of designs that fit every one’s style.

The collection is amazing and I enjoyed working with Mahryska but this time as a photographer cause she is a style blogger too.

Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:
Zara Jeans
H&M Top
Marla London Bag
Daniel Wellington Watch
Charles and Keith Loafers
Lovisa Bracelet

Photos by Mahryska

The Black Coat


I hope you guys had a great New Year Eve yesterday. Mine was very special this year cause I spent it with only the people who matters to me. And as Dubai is getting cold now, it’s necessary to carry a cardigan or a jacket with you when you go out at night. It will keep you warm when you are outdoors.

I was going to write a big post about my best and worst moments and my achievements through 2015, but I guess I’m too tired to write it now. Promise I will do it soon, but there is one thing for sure I can share with you now which was one of my greatest achievements that happened to me through the last year and it is YOU.

Yes, you guys who read my blog posts (regardless of all my grammar mistakes :) ) I think we take a lot of things for granted and we neglect the small things we have. We worry about maintaining what we got, but we forget about the beginnings.

Without you guys I wouldn’t get anywhere close of where I’m today. I collaborated with a lot of brands and I got featured in local and international publications and that means the world to me, but the most valuable thing that happened to me is discovering myself personally and professionally. Developing my personal style and wearing what really makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. And despite all the changes that happened, the ups and downs, my sudden disappearance and my come backs, the horrible choices and the good ones, you guys sticked around.

Thank you for being patient with me, for giving me your trust, and for allowing me to achieve part of my dreams. I hope you all will achieve your dreams too, if that didn’t happen last year, you still have 365 page to fill it up and today is only the beginning.

Cheers to an awesome year to come, Welcome 2016 and Happy New Year.





Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:
Zara Total Look
Daniel Wellington Watch
Glassons Boots
Ralph Lauren Bag

Lovisa Necklaces

Flare and Crop Top


Happy holidays everyone and merry christmas. Today I’m sporting a messy bun and a destroyed jeans for a change, cause sometimes being imperfect makes the perfect outfit. Do you agree?

This is the second look I’m styling from MOUNAY new collection which is available online at Moda Corner.

I love the details of this top and the wide sleeves, it’s easy to dress it up or down like what I did in this look. I also like how this top has a vintage vibe, but with a modern twist.

More looks are still waiting to come from my collaboration with Moda Corner, so watch out for that and don’t forget to check them out on www.modacorner.com they really do have amazing designers’ statement pieces and follow them on Instagram @Modacorner



Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:
Zara Jeans
MOUNAY Top via Moda Corner, find it here
Seed Heritage Bag
Daniel Wellington Watch
Ecco Boots
Lovisa Bracelet


The Holidays with Aeropostale


Having a long term relationship with a brand really makes work interesting and more fun, because there is a mutual trust. And this is exactly what happened when I was doing my photoshoot of the holidays season for the second time with Aeropostale and I absolutely enjoyed it.

Looking at Aeropostale winter collection and you could easily notice the varieties in the looks, the trendy and the statement pieces which makes layering for winter very easy to be done.

I started my look with a plain white shirt and a light skinny jeans and then added the grey sweater and the black vest to complete the look. And the secret to pull off any layered outfit is all in the accessories. You can easily accessorize in winter cause you need those extra items to keep you warm like the beanie or the ear warmers that I just added to finish this look.

What I loved about this new collection from Aeropostale is that every piece is versatile by it’s own and you can simply wear it alone or mix it and match it to different items, then you’ll end up with many outfit ideas.

I hope you guys are enjoying the festive season spirit and Merry Christmas to you all.



Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.


Items of this look:

Aeropostale Total Look

Stradivarius Boots

Zara Bag

Dotti Beanie
Photos by Tinayums