Hello guys, this is my first post on the blog and before I get into the world of fashion, beauty, reviews,…… and put my face all over the big screen 🙂 I would like to thank my family who gave me unconditional love and support even though I’m really far away from them, especially my mum. She always encouraged me to do what I like to do in life and never gave up my dreams, my sister Riri as she is my personal free consultant, she is my first audience and my guidance in life.

Sincere thanks to my soul mate, the love of my life, my husband Victor. thank you for giving me support, for being patient during my stressful moments and for your endless help to make this blog goes from just a pending project into reality.

Also, I would like to thank my Aunt Hiam for being my inspiration, she is my role model as a successful business woman and a kind Aunt, I love you Aunty 😉

And finally a big thank you to all of you that helped me in any way to make this blog possible.

Now it’s time for a new photo-shoot, do you know what happened on my first photo-shoot, I was suppose to…………… 🙄 !!!!!. NO, wait a second that’s another story you can read it on my new post 😆 .