Little Black Skirt



No wonder why it’s one of the essential piece of clothing in every girl’s wardrobe, it’s simply because you can match it to absolutely any top or shirt. It gives a chic look to your outfit and can pop up any top color.EDSC_0012EEEDSC_0008EDSC_0031EDSC_0025EDSC_0005EDSC_0006EEEDSC_0036


I tried to style my black skirt with a simple dark blue and white print top and I just added the necklace to give the look more sophistication, but you can always play up with the accessories to create different looks.

So, it was really easy to create this simple classy look but the real challenge was to take the photos in public when everyone is out of the sudden looking at you with curious eyes 😯 .


Items of this look:

Mango Top

Mango Skirt

Aldo Heels

Tom Ford Sunnis

H&M Necklace

Vintage Clutch (it was a gift but I really don’t know what is the brand name 😀 )