Natural Beauty



Beauty is the best God’s creation, it’s always nice to stop every while and just enjoy what god created for us from beautiful mountains, trees, flowers and water falls. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I arrived to this amazing place, surrounded by nature from every angle which can inspire any person. It gave me a motivation to continue my job. And whenever I see such beauty, I always ask myself how materialistic our life becoming and how busy it is, so we don’t appreciate small things like that. Nature is part of our world and unfortunately is getting destroyed by us for the benefit of technology and human consuming, so if you get a chance to spot any of God’s natural creation, please stop and disconnect yourself from the world for a minute and just enjoy the sound of the natural beauty.

Full description and more information about this location are coming up in my next travel post.


What is your favorite place to enjoy nature and how that inspires you?


Items of this look:

Garage Tee

Massimo Dutti Jeans

Charles and Keith ballerina

Stradivarius Scarf

IIMK Cardigan

Esprit Bag