New lipstick purchase: Guerlain Rouge Review


That’s my first beauty post and I want to tell you that I was never interested to write reviews about my make up or skin & hair care treatments, but then I decided to only write reviews about the products that I really like and I thought it might help other people to decide to buy it or not in case they are already thinking about purchasing. Honestly how many times you bought a product and you got disappointed as it’s not good as it promised or you simply hated it. I was one of these people until I start reading reviews about any product I’m going to buy and I must say it helped me a lot but I want to highlight very important thing which is you should also put into consideration your skin color and type, cause this nude color lipstick which looks woooow on X might makes you washed out if you have a very pale skin, and this amazing luxurious face moisturizer might break you out cause it’s not for oily skin, go it, I think so smile

Now let me talk about my new lipstick color, Guerlain Rouge Automatique Hydrating Long-Lasting Lip color in Coral Sheen 141, I love the quality of Guerlain make up products  in general and this specific color which falls between pink and orange really attracted me. Also the moisturizing texture is a big bonus because there is nothing worse than a nice lipstick color with dry lips; and I hate adding lip balm to my lipsticks all the time. This amazing formula combines long lasting hold, lots of moisturizing, and the radiance of a crystal pigment. It glides over your lips and gives you this radiant finish which we all want and it stayed put almost all over my day. I’m so in love with its creamy texture and the smooth finish it gave to my lips it feels like a second skin. I couldn’t ask for more in a lipstick and definitely I’m going to buy more colors of this range of lipsticks, by the way this collection comes in 25 different colors and this color will suits you well if you have fair, medium, or olive skin.

Guerlain Rouge G L’Extrait Matte Color Exceptional Hold in Red M25, this color is completely the opposite of the previous color as its strong and bold look. I must confess I’m not a red lipstick girl I simply don’t fall in this Hollywood glamorous school of make up with perfect examples of Marilyn Monroe and Dita Von Teese but I always like to challenge myself and try to come up with different looks, so I decided to buy this red color lipstick but since I’m going to wear red then few rules has to be applied like the color intense and the texture, we all know that red lipsticks are high maintenance and you really need to be careful when you wear them as you don’t want your lips to look flakey or dry-out, so I checked this color and the first thing I noticed is its silky-velvety, creamy transforming texture. It’s a combination of a lipstick and a gloss. The liquid formula of this lipstick turns out to matte finish within a few moments of applying. Like magic biggrin, I was scared in the beginning of the liquid glossy look of the applicator as I do have full lips and I don’t like to emphasize them with a glossy red lipstick but after a few moments of applying the lipstick, it turned out to a matte finish look which I totally love. The lipstick packaging  I must say is the most luxurious fancy packaging I ever saw for a lipstick, it’s a bit tricky to open it (I had no clue how to open it the first time) but all the instructions are written on the lipstick body, so it’s really easy to use but not that practical if you are in a rush, the good thing about it which will make all your girlfriends curious is the mirror which is attached to the lipstick package, the moment you will pull the lipstick up to open, the mirror will pop up, it’s quite interesting to have it with you for easy touch up but I must say the packaging really weigh a lot, this lipstick has non-sticky, non-drying texture which will give you a decent amount of hold but as any other lipstick you’ll need to reapply it again if you ate or kissed someone wink  to keep the intense of the color, but for me I liked so much the faded sheer effect of this color, so I didn’t feel I need to reapply it again. This lipstick is a bit pricy for its luxurious packaging but I felt that it’s worth every penny, so I’m not regretting that I bought it.

N.B the picture is showing the color of this lipstick is more pinkish but it’s really red color sad

I wanted to include this India Hicks Island Living Spider Lily Eau de Toilette from Crabtree & Evelyn in my post as a perfect light fragrance for spring/summer. It combines citrus, floral and green undertones in it. Unfortunately it doesn’t last long but the smell is heaven, I like to apply it after taking a shower as it gives me this refreshing feeling, I already use other long lasting fragrances but I wanted to buy something light for the spring to use it when I go to a picnic or to the beach, if you like floral light fragrances then this spider Lilly Fragrance will tick all the boxes and you’ll keep it in your purse during all the summer.

I’m totally happy with my new lipsticks and you can expect me wearing them in my next outfit posts, so you can see the complete look. I hope my review will give you a better idea about these products regardless if you might buy it or not as that’s my ultimate goal of posting this review. Do you have a favorite lipstick color and what is your favorite lipstick brand?  Have a lovely day and waiting for your comments rolleyes


  1. I love red lipstick but I don’t feel very comfortable wearing it, most of all because when I do it friends and people I know say “oh, you put a red lipstick on”, “how come you put such a showy color?” or they simply look at you in a different way.
    But I find it incredibly chic.
    I never tried Guerlain lipsticks (I confess I have a huge love for Chanel’s) but considering your review I should try.

  2. Hi Noemi, you know you shouldn’t listen to these people who tells you shouldn’t wear red lipstick, red lipstick is a powerful look for women, just go easy with the eyes make up and you’ll look perfect and you can’t go wrong with the classic red lipstick look if you pair it with the winged cat eye make up, I’m glad you liked the post, I have more posts to come about Guerlain and also Channel products, thanks for your comments 🙂

  3. I love red lipstick and my current favorite is Ruby Woo by Mac. I feel confident and chic when I am wearing it although it has not always been the case. I kind of got tired of people looking at me weirdly whenever I have red on and now I am loving it. Great post!