The Yellow Sweater


Today I’m posting this pictures from my last trip to…….wait a second I want to talk about my look first smile  as you know it’s already summer in Dubai but it’s still cold in other countries, so I couldn’t actually go out without wearing at least a blazer. I like this yellow sweater that I bought recently from Stradivarius, it’s very soft and I didn’t have this color in my wardrobe before. Now I’m happy that I’m experimenting with new colors.  I had so much fun this day with my colleagues and my crazy photographer Mahmoud biggrin, forgive me guys for the tilted pictures but that’s his style cool

Can you guess which country I took these pictures from, I’ll be posting more photos about this place in my next travel post, wish you a nice weekend and thanks for your comments.

Items of this look:

Zara Blazer

Stradivarius Sweater

Massimo Dutti Jeans

Aldo Boots

Pieces scarf

Photos Taken by Mahmoud El Ahmar


  1. Lovely outfit!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise

  2. Thank you Kelly 🙂

  3. Kaique Brasileiro says:

    Yeahhhh i’m really happy that i found your blog!

    You’re amazing! <3

    Check out my blog too:

    • Thanks Kaique, you are amazing too 🙂
      Just checked your blog, and I can see how it’s really unique and informative, good work 🙂

  4. hadrien says:

    Super cool pics and very cool outfit too
    Very nice blog too

  5. You look awesome!

  6. Simple and chic, I love it.

    Spanish Muse

  7. Love your pictures! You are so photogenic!