The Statue of Liberty

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Hello guys, I miss blogging so much.  I’m sorry I was not able to post anything the last week as I was so busy with my exams at work. Thank god I passed and now I’m hassle free. So I was thinking it’s time to release these photos from my last trip to NY which have been sitting in my camera for so long.

I really enjoyed this trip with the company of my best colleagues ever Joanna and Micah, we went for a cruise to see the statue of Liberty and then the museum. And of course I started to take loads of pictures but thanks to my friends there were patients enough to tolerate me the whole time and they even took awesome pictures of me hehehe biggrin . Now the only question I’m still asking here is why this family in one of the photos has this horrific face, maybe coz of my awkward pose, hopefully not. But seriously check it guys they look really like they are in shock eek.

I wish you’ll like the photos and wait for my next posts as I recently did major updates in my wardrobe for the summer and I’ll be posting all my new purchases very soon. Until this time I wish you all happiness and fantastic weekend. Thanks a lot for reading my post.


Items of my look:

Stradivarius Crop sweater

Mango Jeans

Aldo Boots

H&M Necklace


  1. Beautiful pictures like always! Nice simple outfit!
    I love your necklace!!

  2. Beautiful photos, I hope to visit New York, sooner or later. You travel a lot, lucky you!

    • Thanks Noemi, I travel a lot coz of my job, I’m a cabin crew. I wish you can join me in any of the destinations I go 🙂