Denim Shirt and Floral Skirt

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Since I start blogging and I wanted so bad to style the denim shirt. It’s a stable piece in my wardrobe (so, pls don’t get bored if you’ll see it appearing again in my posts razz) and there are like 100 possible ways to style them with any bottom you have. But you guys know how much I love skirts. That’s why I chose this floral skirt from Stradivarius to wear it with the denim shirt.

Now some people asked me how I start putting the outfit together. I always start with the bottom (skirt, pants or shorts) and then I work all my way up (unfortunately shoes are my last minute choice mrgreen).

Sometimes I keep pieces in my wardrobe until I find exactly the top that I can imagine pairing it with (sometimes I keep it for long time then I even forget it’s exists rolleyes, so please don’t do that).

I’m so happy guys cause soon I’ll be posting my first collaboration with a very nice Accessories Brand (shhh… don’t tell anyone it’s a surprise wink)

Now aside from that, I would like to thank you all for your continuous support.  My blog is growing only because of you and I couldn’t be more happier.

Have a good day and Thanks a lot for reading my post.


Items of this look:

America Today Shirt

Stradivarius Skirt

Parfois Bag

Gap Belt

Charles & Keith Shoes

Aldo Accessories



  1. Love the denim shirts. Great combination and I love the touch of yellow.

    Fabulous 30s

  2. Great look. Denim shirts really do have a lot of versatility. The yellow bag adds just the right touch of boldness to the look. Good luck with your collaboration. I look forward to learning all about it.


  3. I have yet to get myself a denim shirt but I have seen so many people style it great-you included. My friend did a post on how to wear a denim shirt a few months ago. But I love how you styled yours with a floral skirt-that’s how I would do it:)
    xo Olivia

  4. I’m sooo glad you liked it Olivia 🙂

  5. Such a lovely look! You look beautiful as always, but i have to tell you that your red lipstick is perfection!! It suits you sooo well!


  6. I always loved the way denim looked when paired with florals. If I could I would probably live in my denim shirts, haha, you are so right, they really can be styled in 100 different ways. You look stunning and I have to say that I adore the photography! Your pictures are so clear, crisp and sharp!

    My beauty and lifestyle blog

  7. Great post! Absolutely loved the outfit! Never thought of pairing denim with florals! 😀
    Dany | Dany Szelsky