Lace & Leather



Hi, Today I’m posting my photos from the most famous street in Dubai which is Sheikh Zayed Road, where all the restaurants and hotels are. Dubai is getting hotter day after day and that is not even annoying me any more, but the most thing that’s bothering me is that I just came from Sydney in Australia which is winter there (you can see some photos of my trip on my Instagram account @fashionfootprint) and now my poor body have to cope up with all these changes in less than a week cry. Anyways let’s enjoy our summer days before it ends.

My look today is monochrome with a touch of red color. I like so much this combo of colors and I enjoy wearing outfits which have a pop of color. I know a lot of girls they might get intimidated when it comes to wearing leather pants, that’s why I wanted to style this skort (Skirt & Short) from Zara in a classy way, so you’ll feel that it’s actually ok to wear leather pants/shorts and still look chic as long as you keep the rest of the look minimal and simple (no super tight tops). So all girls out there don’t be afraid to take fashion risks and I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with million ideas to style this skort better than me. Also I would love if you like to share that with me mrgreen.  I hope you guys are having a fabulous day and thanks for all your support by reading my post wink.


Items of this look:

A Total Zara Look (Top & Skort)

Accessories from Lovisa in Australia (you can check their full collection Here)

Julianne Hough Sandals (I bought it from Nordstrom in LA)

Calvin Klein Bag (similar Here)



  1. I love your outfit, I wish you best of luck dealing with the summer heat in Dubai, but you look fabulous!
    Xo Victoria

    • Thanks Victoria, we tend to hide in the malls in the summer and everything is air conditioned. But I need the day light for my pictures, so what to do. I think that’s the price we have to pay for our job 🙁

  2. Love the combination of lace and leather and the Pop of red ! <3

    You look so nice 🙂

  3. Love so much this outfit, you look perfect, gorgeous

  4. You look perfect and divine as always lady

  5. hadrien says:

    Awesome outfit and very great pics
    Great Work

  6. Don’t you just dislike putting your body through all that? I live in Minnesota so I am pretty familiar with the weather being in the 40’s today and 90’s the next day. Anyway, I love this monochrome look with the pop of red! So classy and chic! Beautiful bag!!

  7. Hi Wafaa,

    This outfit looks lovely on you! I personally find lace-leather combo sophisticated, feminine and very trendy. You won’t believe but I also did a lace-leather outfit post not long ago. But it was upside down – leather top – lace skirt! I would love it if you check it out and tell me what you think.
    By the way, your look is more feminine and tender, while mine is a bit lady boss type.

    And I totally adore your necklace.


  8. That lace top is so right!! 🙂


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