Slick, wet and Monochrome

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You should never be afraid of trying new trends, styles and taking fashion risks. I know that might sound cliché but the truth is you’ll never know until you try.

Sometimes we get too comfortable with what we are used to wear over years and we tend to be lazy to come up with different looks that might suits our body shape and our taste in fashion. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do since I started this fashion blog. I’m trying to get out of my comfortable style zone and dive inside my mind to see myself from a completely different angle, of course with the help of all the available sources like the internet, magazines and T.V.

Can you imagine yourself after 40 years from now checking all your photos when you were young and feeling like you were trapped in your solo look, wearing literally what is socially acceptable or blaming your family and friends for not encouraging you to try new styles. Can you imagine your feelings at this time when you can NEVER change the clock back!!!!

This is not an invitation to try every single new trend the fashion world offers you, but my point is to try something new every now and then coz you never know, you might be surprised with good results. These shorts that you thought will never suits you might be fabulous on you but you were so rigid and scared to try it on and preferred to rely on what always people expect from you.

I wanted to create a slick and bold look to be able to see myself far away from this sweet girl look. This monochrome outfit is so easy to achieve. Just choose clean cut for your outfit and stick to basic colors. The wet look is also easy to create. Blow dry your hair straight and then add generous amount of wax to your hair paying special attention to the front of your hair and your flyaways and viola! you got the wet look smile.

Now the most exciting part was wearing this lovely blazer that my husband brought to me from Singapore after giving him detailed information and pictures of the blazer. I almost give up the idea of purchasing this blazer after several unsuccessful trips to the malls in Dubai.

Hope you liked this post and remember you don’t need to observe fashion try to enjoy it too wink .

N.B I didn’t suddenly got pregnant; it’s just these High Waisted shorts that gave me a perfect pregnant lady look in her 20th week of pregnancy angry.


Have a good day and thanks for reading my post.


Items of this look:

Dorothy Perkins Blazer (from Singapore)

Stradivarius Shirt

Zara Shorts (from Sydney)

Pull and Bear Boots

Black Tied Rings similar here

Mango Bracelet

Guess Bag (worn backward)



  1. Such a fashion forward look! Love the windowpane print of your shorts!


  2. Nelly Ojeda says:

    Haha you don’t look pregnant at all Wafaa! This outfit is amazing, love the shorts, that print is so chic! I will take your advice and try out new things!
    xx Nelly

  3. OMG, you look so elegant in this black and white outfit! So edgy and classy!! I sometimes get too afraid to get out my comfort zone, but I will definitely take your advice 🙂
    Thank you!

  4. But you don’t look pregnant at all!! I want those boots!

  5. Wow! I adore this look!!! Very elegant, chic, edgy all together :)…. I’m not so much of a trend person so your advice hit home:-)… Great post!
    Edwige |

  6. Such a stylish look! Love everything about it, the blazer, the shorts AND the accessories (so fab!). Hahaha you have a great figure and certainly do not look pregnant!

    My beauty and lifestyle blog

  7. You rock lady amazing. lovely lovely.


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