The Parisian Look

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Paris, the city of Romance. Finally I got to visit Paris in the summer (having my both hands free and not freezing and hiding in my heavy clothes as I usually do in winter bigsmile). I went with my colleagues to Sacre-Coeur Montmartre in France to enjoy a beautiful walk, a nice chat and a delicious dinner. I must say everything was amazing there except the weather. It was a bit challenging as by the time we went there it was massively raining but surprisingly when we has arrived the weather changed and it was cool but a bit windy. Anyways I can’t complain at all coz this city is more than just a dream place to me.

I chose to wear this skirt (without the wrinkels, I swear to god I pressed it before my flight cry) which I bought from Topshop through Nordstrom in LA (I told you before I bought many things from this shopevilgrin). Nordstrom is like a one place for all your shopping wish list. They have diverse collection of great brands and I love most of the pieces they put in display. And of course Topshop is one of my favorite’s shops especially when I travel as I rarely find the same designs here in Dubai.

I’m also wearing this lovely crystal point necklace from Black Tied; I found it very cool and matching to my outfit. You can find different colors of this necklace here.

Now one last thing I want to mention is that I bought this Top from Nordstrom under 10$ can you believe it mindblown.

I know this is off topic but I can’t hide how sad I am after hearing the shocking news yesterday about Robin Williams’s suicide. He is one of the best comedian actors and I love love love love his movies. What’s even making me sadder is how people are very cruel with their judgment about him and how they are under estimating the consequences of depression. You have no idea how a depressed person can act. So, if you have a perfect life and you never experience depression. It means you are lucky and you should thank god but please don’t judge those people who has it. Robin Williams may RIP sad.

Have a good day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:

Karen Scott Top via Nordstrom

Topshop Skirt via Nordstrom

Julianne Hough Sandals

Black Tied Necklace

Tommy Hilfiger Bag



  1. Love the neon green of the skirt and combined with the marine shirts, its perfect.

  2. You have a great way of putting separates together that I admire. I love how the bold colors pair seamlessly together. Great look. I agree about Robin Williams. It is so unfortunate that some can be so judgmental. He had a wonderful spirit. We were fortunate that he shared it through his comedy routines and acting.


    • Thanks Sharon for your words. Only if people can be less judgemental and more caring and loving, I think we will be living in a wonderful world.

  3. I love everything about this outfit. From the pop of red to the cool-looking stripes, I must say the whole outfit came out beautifully. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures with us.

  4. I adore this look! You look awesome and the pictures are beautiful! I can’t believe you got that top under $10 :). Isn’t Paris beautiful?!



  5. Love this… beautiful!
    kisses from Miami,

  6. This is a killer color combo!! Your pleated green skirt is so cute!


  7. I LOVE this outfit. I love the colors and the stripe in the blue.
    xx, Jodi

  8. I love Paris too 🙂 u look is very stylish and chic!
    I would like to invite u to visit my blog

  9. Gorgeous look! Love how you put these colors together.



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