Koton A/W14 Launch Event



Few days ago, I just attended my first fashion event in Dubai yaaaaaay. It was Koton A/W 14 launch event. I was soooo happy to be there for many reasons. One of the reasons is that I was surrounded with all these amazing clothes and I was checking the latest trends in fashion. The second reason is I got to meet a lot of my favorite fashion bloggers in Dubai.

The collection was really nice and trendy and the moment I saw it, I started already to style some pieces in my mind and making a mental list of what I need to buy this Autumn to update my wardrobe as there are some certain looks that I would love to try for the first time and it’s quite different from what I used to wear every year. I loved how some pieces are versatile and I can wear them differently. One of the best pieces I saw there was this monochrome print coat.

I had so much fun at the event and I was soooo happy to meet Weesha from Weeshasworld . She is one of the best Bloggers in Dubai that I love to read her blog. She has her original style and I love the way she mix and match colors. The other fashion blogger that I was sooooo excited to meet is Paul Ramos from thestylechoreo. He is a very stylish man and one of the best dressed men in Dubai. If you guys will check his blog you’ll know why. And I’m sure a lot of you will wish that their partners dresses like him.

Finally I would like to thank Robyn the PR representative for Koton for inviting me to this Event and Mohammad from Wetrendstyle for introducing me to the folks of fashion community in Dubai. It’s almost 6 months now since I started my blog and a lot of good things are happening in my life because of the blog. I think I need to write a special post at the end of this month about that (can you guys reminds me if I forgot as you know how is my memory) Stay tuned as More events are coming and I’ll be sharing the photos with you.


Thank you for reading my post and have a fabulous day.