Pleated Leather Skirt


10 days ago I was working on a photoshoot for Minnetonka Brand, they asked me to style one of their boots from their A/W  collection which will be featured in their fall lookbook.

I asked my friend Srdjan Punos to help me in shooting this look and he did a great job. it was a tough day as we had to shoot in the heat wearing heavy clothes and boots but I learned something really nice out of this experience which is when you love to do something you’ll do it no matter are the challenges. you won’t try to find excuses to put you away from your goal and you’ll be a happier person. Unfortunately I cant share these photos with you guys now but I’ll post it later after they post the lookbook.

I took more advantage of my friend this day evilgrin and I asked him to shoot another look for my blog. and since the theme of the day was featuring fall clothes, then I decided to continue and post a fall look only for you guysbigsmile cause fall is not happening here in Dubai at least right now. I hope you’ll like this look and I’ll update you soon with more news.


Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:

Topshop Skirt (from Melbourne)

Stradivarius Sweater

Country Road Sliders (from New Zealand)

Black Tied Necklace

New Look Clutch

Photos by: Srdjan Punos



  1. Beautiful outfit. Love the pop of colour with the clutch.

    Fabulous 30s