10 Things Fashion Bloggers Shouldn’t Worry About



Since I started blogging and I came across a lot of issues regarding my look, my photos and how to maintain my blog. I Literally have some days that I don’t want to leave my house for a photo shoot and sometimes I’m too tired to sit in front of my laptop doing all the post work cause simply I have another full time job that is taking my energy and sucking out my time. sometimes i feel that i have no motivation to continue and my insecurities will hit me in the heart. but I never stopped, i might take some days off of the blog but I never lost my passion cause simply i love to do this job. So, I decided in this post to share with you my thoughts regarding blogging hopefully it will motivate someone there to continue what they started and let go their fear.

As a Fashion Blogger you shouldn’t worry about:

1. Not having the perfect hair style. How many times you had to cancel your photoshoot cause you are having a bad hair day, I did that a lot. I’m one of those girls who are not naturally gifted with beautiful locks but I never was afraid to experiment with different hair styles. Sometimes i don’t have the time to style my hair the way i want but i learned new tricks to keep it manageable.

2. Not having the best Camera. its a common issue between a lot of bloggers, but instead of nagging about how bad your camera is, try to put some efforts into editing your photos or take some good time to find that amazing location for your next photoshoot cause eventfully you’ll grow up in your work career and then you’ll have the money to afford a better Camera but until this time comes up stop complaining about your camera and fix your photos.

3. Not having this model like body. ok, that’s a serious issue for most of us. you are looking at this polished image of this famous Fashion Blogger and you are dying to transform your body into that image. but no matter how hard work you are putting in the Gym or your excessive dieting you are not getting any result. but Why, why you are killing yourself over that. Do you think you won’t be a successful Fashion Blogger if you are not skinny. Hell no, you are a fashion blogger cause you have a unique fashion style not because your body size. people go to your blog cause they want to see a normal person that they can relate to and inspire them with outfit ideas not a model in a magazine. So, please stop hating your body and start appreciating your good values and put it into action. even though I’m one of these skinny girls. but honestly guys I wouldn’t be bothered to start a strict diet to keep my body slim if I was not naturally like that.

4. Not having a fancy wardrobe. we all work our heart off to earn a living which put us in a critical situation every time we go for a trip to the shopping mall or online shopping. We all want to buy the latest in fashion and update our wardrobe regularly without breaking the bank. you are trying hard to buy the best of what your eyes can see but sometimes your wallet is not helping you. it looks like a monthly struggle but instead of breaking your heart over this fancy shoes on the window display try to be selective with your choices, it’s all about how you put this outfit together not how much it costs you. mixing and matching will fill your blog posts with wonderful outfit ideas. just remember you are a fashion blogger not because you have million pieces of clothes, it’s because you know how to style this piece of clothes into million different looks.

5. You can’t strike a pose. we are not all born as professional models and it’s not that easy for most of us to find a comfortable and unique pose to show you on the blog. I admit that my modeling background helped me a lot to develop natural poses on my blog but do you think I’m pose ready every photoshoot. of course not, I have a lot of horrible stories behind the scenes that i would love to share with you in another post. I tend to rely on my lovely sunnies for two reasons. firstly it will give me this posh look that compliment my outfit. secondly i don’t have to worry that much about my facial expressions (sometimes I’m not happy) and focus more on my pose. If sunnies are not good option for you, just smile naturally in front of the camera and you’ll get that photo right. and lastly checking a lot of poses on the internet and practicing them is definitely will make you a pro.

6. You are not on the perfect age to start a blog. since when fashion was limited to these people between 15 – 35, then why fashion blogging should be. we don’t lose our fashion sense with time we only improve it. Do you remember how you used to dress when you was in high school, will you be proud of your fashion choices at that time. fashion is ageless and it’s all about experimenting and developing. It serves large audience and what will make you stand out from the rest is your ability to make these clothes looks fabulous on you not that number in your ID.

7. Your writing skills If English is not your first language, then this point is one of your biggest concern while blogging. But do you think that should make you less confident, Definitely not. People go to your blog to see your beautiful images but also to read your blog, they knew who you are and with time they will get used to your writing style so please don’t disappoint them. Don’t try to be someone else and always write the way you talk normally, your voice will reach your readers and they will engage with your posts more. Developing your writing skills is something you shouldn’t ignore if you wants to be a successful blogger, but keep it simple.

8. Taking Fashion Risks I’m one of those that rarely take Fashion risks, so this point is going directly to me 🙂 but since I started blogging a lot of things changed in my outfit choices. Fashion Blogging brings the creativity side of you that you neglected with years giving excuses to your busy schedule and your hectic working hours, taking fashion risks will come naturally while you are blogging and every time you’ll come up with different style than the usual, you’ll love your new image and start appreciating more what you are doing.

9. Retouching your Photos. A lot of people criticize Fashion Blogger for retouching their photos neglecting all the efforts they put to create a beautiful image. In my opinion retouching your photos is totally fine as long as it’s not done excessively and it’s not changing the way you really are in real life, like changing your body size, your skin color….etc
I’m suffering from skin acne since I started working as a flight attendant due to the difficult life style and the constant lacking of sleeping and fatigue, and although I’m treating this problem but it seems that it will take long time for my skin to be totally clear. So, it’s a big confident issue for me to put my photos there without retouching my face. It’s like doing incomplete work. But I never lied to my readers and I always say that I’m not gifted with this flawless skin that everyone see.

10. Getting Popular. I know it’s the ultimate goal for a lot of Fashion Bloggers but it’s shouldn’t be yours. Getting your blog popular will come with time. It’s something you should work on it, not wait for it. It requires a lot of efforts, sweat and tears to get you there. Even when you see some other Fashion Bloggers getting so famous fast depending on their looks and you start wondering when this will happen to you. You have no idea what they’ve been through their journey. Do your home work and success will knock your door at the right time.

Finally, the whole idea of writing this post is not to make you feel lazy and not to work on yourself. But to give you the motivation to better yourself without feeling less confident about your looks. Accept yourself the way you are, but don’t stop there. Remember good things happens to those who work hard and one day you and me will achieve our dreams.


Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.



  1. LOL at your point 2. Honestly, a photographer’s best asset is not their camera. Lighting, composition, angle and a seriously good eye are what make a photo great. That’s why we all take so many shots of the same thing. Both the money shots and the dud cast-off deleted shots come from the same device. There’s so many elements that go into the best shot, that crediting a camera with all that is silly and bloggers are so beyond petty about it. Buck up and make your photos better is a great way of saying it!


  2. Love your list! I totally agree with you.
    Point about the perfect body is a good one. I personally created my blog mainly ( not entirely) to inspirate normal woman, with normal body’s to feel and look there absolute best 😉



  3. Keep this going please, great job!