A Casual Day



Christmas decoration is everywhere and I just couldn’t feel happier, I only wish to see that all the year around. I love to go to Australia and enjoy the nature there. the season now is almost summer but it was still a bit chilly that day. Travelling changed a lot of things in my life, open my mind to many cultures and made me happier, but I couldn’t feel happy without the company of this girl that you see with me in the photo. It’s so weird how people can meet for the first time and they get along and feel like they knew each other long time ago.

It was a causal day, so I grabbed my favorite new ripped jeans from Topshop and put on a Tshirt and a jacket, keeping it simple and playful, so I can do my usual long walks in the city without feeling any pain in my legs.


Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:

Mavi Tshirt

Topshop Pants

Garage Jacket

Rue21 Necklace

Bershka Shoes

Michael Kors Bag


  1. Looks really comfi! Like it a lot