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Moving around LA in the heat wearing this outfit was a bit challenge, but for someone like me I kinda got used to it šŸ™‚ .

I love to wear beanies during fall and winter (this outfit was shoot on March) and I have a good number of them. but I only get to wear them when I travel as you all know that Autumn season doesn’t exist in Dubai.

LA is one of these citiesĀ that I love to visit becauseĀ the weather is always nice there (I envy LA fashion bloggers šŸ™ ) hopefully one day I’ll be able to show you more of it’s beauty.


Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:

StradivariusĀ Top

Muji Shirt

Stradivarius Skirt

America Today Parka

Stradivarius Shoes

ColetteĀ Bag

Forever 21 Necklace

StradivariusĀ Bracelets

Vintage Beanie

Photos by: Petr Holusa check his gallery here