Street Style Do’s and Don’ts for this Summer: Guest Post by Kelly Brook



As the summer is getting closer the most important question that a girl might ask is: “What should I wear?” Summer is easily one of the trendiest seasons of the year. You just need to walk out on the street and see a vastness of different styles out there. It’s more a catwalk than it is a promenade. In order to take part in that summer heat runway, you must know what is a must, and what is a no-no, for this season. With the following advice you’ll easily dominate the seasonal street catwalk. Provoking men’s sighs and girls’ envy.

DO experiment with colors
The beautiful sun bathed days of summer give you the perfect opportunity for experimenting with colors. Shinny summer allows you to combine bright yellow jacket with mint shoes. How cool is that? Different colorful patterns are also a must. If you, however, prefer the monochromatic look, than try to add a pop of color with bold accessories.

DO wear lightweight leather
Every girl needs a lightweight leather jacket for summer nights when it’s a little colder to warm her up, and to give the stylish WOW. Even leather dresses and skirts, when worn in the right colors, may make a fabulous summer pieces. So don’t underestimate the sexiness of leather, no matter the season.

DO opt for bold sunglasses
The one accessory summer would be a torment without: their highness, the sunglasses. Not only a fashion item, sunglasses are also a much needed protection from the cruel rays of the summer sun. This summer is a great opportunity to make a step out of your comfort zone and decide for conspicuous bold pair of sunglasses.


DO explore the ways of wearing fringe
Fringe trend is back and it’s back big-time. It’s not anymore a rock chic thing, you can wear it on anything. Think pink fringe skirt. Be rock ’n’ roll girl with fringed leather jacket. If you want to go for a little more subtle look, you can always wear fringes on jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces. For a brave girl, a fringed dress is a must have item of the season.

DON’T ignore the t-shirt or shift dress
Summer should also be a season of effortless “in a minute” getting ready for all kinds of events. And what could possibly be more effortless than t-shirt or shift dress? It’s just an outfit that you throw-on and you’re ready to go! It’s a relaxed style, which can be upgraded with various accessories.

DON’T shy away from wearing all white
Wearing white all summer long shouldn’t be a no-no. White clothes during the summer provides you with the easy-breezy-beachy look. So why not wear that trend on the beach too? A white one piece swimsuit will give your beach style the elegancy and airiness of a true summer fairy.

DON’T be timid about showing a bit of skin
It’s summer and your skin is IN. There is nothing vulgar in stripping down a little to cope with the heat, and at the same time, to remain fashionable. Opt for the seasonal hit: crop top, paired up with high-waisted pants (this will help you show a little skin, while concealing the belly) or with a maxi skirt.

DON’T avoid matching separates
Uniforms are IN this summer for all fashionistas of the world. The best thing about them is the simplicity. You don’t have to think for hours which piece goes with which. Just match your separates, and you have your put-it-on and ready-to-go look. This summer, instead of formal suit and tuxedo look, matching separates have evolved into colorful and youthful pieces, just as the ones that should be summertime must haves.
In the end, DO listen to our advice, but with adding a bit of personal touch to every one of them. You are your own personal stylist, and everything you wear reflects who you are.



I hope you guys will like today’s post. This post was written by Kelly Brook. She is a beauty and fashion enthusiast who also loves romantic movies, smooth jazz, Italian food and everything classic, elegant and cute.


Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading this post.


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