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December is one of the most active months of the year. Although I don’t get to have a vacation during any official holiday cause the nature of my work, but I really enjoys the vibes of Christmas celebration.

If you have a very active life and always on the go, I guess you’ll need something to connect you with the world, to get you motivated when you are down and that’s what the music does to me. It completely changes my mood, I simply can’t live without music.

Last month I got contacted by Sudio. A Swedish brand that makes very elegant and high quality earphones. I’m one of these people that would buy something just because it looks good regardless of the quality. And when it comes to earphones, I hardly finds any nice and sleek gadgets in the market.

I was surprised when I saw their designs and how delicate their earphones are. They have 3 types of earphones collection. One is especially designed for all your Apple products and it’s called KLANG (it’s the one I’m using in this post) And the other two are suitable for any type of electronics devices and they are called VASA and TVA.

Now when these stylish earphones came, my expectations were highly exceeded. I just never saw such a pretty and elegant packaging. I shared some photos of the whole package on my Instagram account here.

I put them on straight away to check the sound, and I was impressed by their high quality. The tangle resistant flat cords and the stylish white leather case that they came with, helps a lot to keep them neat. Also, the light weight earbuds made me feel so comfortable when I’m using them for hours.

Honestly, I’m totally in love with these earphones and I highly recommend it to you if  you are looking for a stylish gift with high quality. Also, you’ll get 15% off your purchase on their website here if you used my discount code fashionfootprint upon checkout, it’s valid until the end of this month. You’ll also enjoy a world wide free shipping.


Sudio website:

Sudio Instagram: @SudioSweden


Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

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