The Holidays with Aeropostale


Having a long term relationship with a brand really makes work interesting and more fun, because there is a mutual trust. And this is exactly what happened when I was doing my photoshoot of the holidays season for the second time with Aeropostale and I absolutely enjoyed it.

Looking at Aeropostale winter collection and you could easily notice the varieties in the looks, the trendy and the statement pieces which makes layering for winter very easy to be done.

I started my look with a plain white shirt and a light skinny jeans and then added the grey sweater and the black vest to complete the look. And the secret to pull off any layered outfit is all in the accessories. You can easily accessorize in winter cause you need those extra items to keep you warm like the beanie or the ear warmers that I just added to finish this look.

What I loved about this new collection from Aeropostale is that every piece is versatile by it’s own and you can simply wear it alone or mix it and match it to different items, then you’ll end up with many outfit ideas.

I hope you guys are enjoying the festive season spirit and Merry Christmas to you all.



Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.


Items of this look:

Aeropostale Total Look

Stradivarius Boots

Zara Bag

Dotti Beanie
Photos by Tinayums