Elena Burba Sweater

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Working with international designers enriches my styling skills, and it proves me one thing, fashion has no language barrier. If you have a good taste it will speak loudly about you without saying a word, don’t you agree?

I was impressed when I got introduced to Elena Burba. This Ukrainian designer has it all. She knows how to work with colors very well, you can see that clearly in her pastel collections. Her designs screams delicateness with modern perspective. I didn’t know that she designs casual wear too, until I saw this sweater. The design is so effortlessly chic.

You can check the entire collection on her website here, or if you like shopping trips you can find her at DESIGN 971 shop, Dubai Mall, The Village.

I’m all about oversized sweaters, knits and hair tucks this winter. It’s the minimal, casual contemporary school.



Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:
Banana Republic Skirt
Elena Burba Sweater
Seed Heritage Bag
Michael Kors Watch
Adidas Sneakers
Lovisa Accessories