White Chunky Sweater

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One of the most challenges for us as style bloggers is the constant need to update our wardrobes with new items, so we can keep inspiring you guys with many looks. Do you think that’s practical, probably not?

What I would suggest here is to keep your eyes at the latest trends, but only buy few selective items and wear them on rotation. And, do you think we don’t get attached to our clothes too I personally do. Whenever I fell in love with a pair of jeans, I can’t keep it out of my head.

I wear my favorite clothes a lot and I love what I can make with it. Chunky sweaters are very good option for you especially if you hate wearing coats. I remember recently I was wearing a chunky black sweater in Frankfurt, but I was wearing a lot of layers underneath, so I didn’t feel I need to wear a coat and when I went out at night, every one was looking at me like, girl are you out of your mind? where is your coat? that was fun 🙂

So, if you have a favorite sweater, you can really do a lot with it. Just think of it as one layer that you can shape it as you wish.



Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:
H&M Jeans
Cupcakes and Cashmere Sweater via Shopbop
Zara Coat
Adidas Sneakers
Lovisa Bracelets