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I still remember the first time I received an email from a brand asking me to collaborate (it was accessories brand) now after almost 2 years of blogging it’s a completely different perspective but still the same excitement.

I know how it could be challenging and sometimes confusing when it comes to working with brands especially in the beginning of your blogging career because you don’t know what to expect, but if you put some guidelines it will help you a lot and will make your job easier. I’m writing few of them here and I hope it will help.


1. Know your brand Don’t you agree with me that it would be hilarious if you work with a brand without having a brand of your own. What are you really offering?

It’s so important to figure out your identity and to know what’s your style is all about before connecting with a brand even for a small project. It’s something not easy to do. It took me over a year to settle for the image and the style I’m representing now, please remind me guys to write a post about how to know your stye.

In the beginning I had no idea what I was doing, I would Feature anything comes to My mind on the blog, until I noticed that there is no connection between these posts. It’s just random outfits not connected to each other. Then I started to work on shaping my brand by asking myself few questions like what are the most pieces that I like to wear and what’s their colors?

I wanted to Feature outfits that I would actually wear and feel comfortable to stay in the whole day without compromising the style. So, I had to find that balance between wearing something casual and chic with a bit of layering.


2. Don’t be afraid to decline projects All of us are working hard to keep our loyal readers satisfied with the blog content and it would be really stupid if you don’t know what makes you lose them forever.

When you start posting non related stuff on your blog, your are actually pushing your readers away cause they know that no way on earth that you will be wearing this outfit cause it’s abviosily not your style (oh boy how many bloggers are doing that, even me I found myself guilty of doing that few times cause I felt embarrassed to say no).

Just remember that when the brand is approaching you all what they think about is themselves and how to get more publicity or to reach to your readers. And therefor they contact every single blogger with the same offer (of course there are exceptions).

It should be a win win situation not the other way around, right? So, just keep in mind that your are really losing a lot of your credibility and a big bunch of your readers when you promote something that doesn’t fit into your style and to avoid that just ask yourself few questions like does that campaign gonna help me? Does it fit into my style? Is it interesting to be shared with my readers? If the answer is yes then go ahead and accept the project. If not and you still accepted it, then you are taking your blog a big notch down.


3. Focus on the style more than the brand size Even top bloggers they collaborate with small brands cause they like their stuff. I personally don’t mind at all as long as I’m allowed to express my style. It could be small details like wearing this turtleneck a size bigger cause I’m into oversized clothes or dressing down a dress and making it more street style appropriate to fit the style. Don’t be afraid to discuss these little details with the brand cause at the end you need to be happy with the pieces that you are featuring on your blog. So you are able to do a successful post.


4. Discuss your Rate I left this point to the end cause I know it’s very confusing for some of you. Some brands they might ask you about your rate and others would be horrified from the idea that you are requesting money.

Remember before you start charging money, you need to check your status and see how you are progressing with your blog, so you won’t under or over estimate yourself. Some brands might not accept your rate, others might even offer more.  But, It’s only you who knows how much effort and time you are putting into every post.

I personally did a huge search about bloggers with similar content and following to figure out how much I should be charging. At the end you only want to attract serious brands that value your work even if they are few.


Finally, I hope you’ll find my tips beneficial and it will help you to communicate better with the brands in an effective way and as promised I’ll continue to write more insights about my blogging experience whenever I get time (I’m the girl with that hectic schedule all the time) until then be proud of your work and happy blogging.





Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.


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  1. Thank you for sharing! Indeed, instead of comparing to our peers’ rate (or achievement, for that matter), what we really should be doing is evaluating ourselves, that’s the only way to know how much our time and effort worth and how much we should charge.

    xx, Chloe //