Chunky Black Sweater

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Some people told me that they are not into oversized clothes because it will make them look bulky. And it is true. It might makes you a little bit bulkier than usual, but there is something fascinating about this undone look. It’s like being imperfect on purpose. I never wanted to look super done in anything I wear and that’s applies to my hair and my make up too.

I’m trying to keep up with my posts guys, but that task is becoming harder every day with the sudden expansion of my work schedule (it’s not fun at all). Believe me guys if I’ll share with you my working hours, you’ll wonder how I get time to post anything on the blog or Instagram. So, I’m trying to plan a real vacation soon.

The reason I’m sharing this personal information here (even though I’m an introvert and I don’t find it ok to talk about my personal life) is I get asked a lot about how to maintain blogging while working a full time job.

Talking from personal experience, I used to read a lot about how other bloggers manage their time and all this sweet talk about being consistent and following a regular time and date while posting, but never any of these worked out for me.

So, I decided to create and follow my own plan which is highly focusing on creating a good content (high quality photos and nice photography) regardless of the number of posts. I just try to maximize the time available for that as much as I could.

But, Do I post on certain days every week, no. Do I follow a strict number of daily posts on Instagram, no. Do I kill myself to catch every single event that I get invited to (believe me these events are almost endless here in Dubai) also no!!!

I don’t stress myself any more to follow a pattern that simply doesn’t work for my lifestyle and you shouldn’t too. I’m not trying to say that you should be lazy and don’t work hard on promoting your blog and networking.

But all I’m saying here is don’t stress about it too much, cause what’s really matter is producing excellent work and improving your brand image. That’s what is time worthy. That investment you are putting here is gonna be converted into work opportunities and bigger brands’ collaborations.

So, at the end it’s not about the number of posts or how many events you are attending. Your work will be noticed if you are creating something good. Don’t drain yourself like what I used to do, just try to organize your work according to the life style you got and enjoy your life more.



Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.


Items of this look:
H&M Jeans
Banana Republic Shirt
Rebecca Minkoff Bag via Shopbop
Unif Sweater
Senso Mules