Flare Denim

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I was talking with one of my colleagues (her name is Chia) about how we should be persistent about our goals in life. And if you want something that badly, then you should work on developing yourself in everthing cause that will open a lot of opportunities for you and eventually you will achieve way more than what you want.

Later, the topic went viral about other things in life. Then, she told me that I’m full of positive thoughts and I should be a motivational coach. I laughed so much about what she said, you know why?

Cause I’m that introvert person that always think million times before I share anything with people. It’s simply my shy character. But her words opened my mind about something important which is, if I can guide people in any possible way, and help them to develop more confidence by sharing some relatable topics they can benefit from, then why I should stop from doing that.

I experienced a lot of things in life that made me develop a tough skin and grew up wiser, but I’m always learning and working on my personal goals. So, I decided to share more personal stories about life hoping that will inspire people (especially introverts) to change for better and find different ways in life. At the end we are all here in the same journey we share similar experiences, but we handle it different.

Lastly, I don’t wanna forget to talk about my fascination with the come back of the flare jeans (I know some of you might disagree with me) it’s always refreshing to inject our wardrobes with different style every now and then. I’m not a complete trend follower, but the seventies’ vibes trend got me really strong. And can you imagine that I bought these jeans with only € 7 😱.




Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.


Items of this look:
H&M Jeans
Glassons Belt
Tony Bianco Flats find it here
Tony Bianco Clutch, find it here
Lovisa Accessories


  1. I’m shy, too so I can totally relate, even if I’m not afraid at all to speak my mind!
    I’m still into skinny jeans, also because of the fact that you take the hem and it’s right for all shoes type, but I love flare jeans. Yours are very cute, I love the frontal pocket… and what a bargain!