Black and Stripes

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I know I didn’t post for like 10 days. Have you guys missed me? 🙂

I’m in a long vacation in Brazil. And I thought it would be easy to post from there, but it turned out very hard as we are moving from one city to another.

I don’t know about your definition of vacation, but for me it’s the ability to disconnect and recharge my soul cause my mind never stops thinking, planning and drifting. I think I’m a workaholic by nature.

Soon guys, I’ll be sharing with you lots of looks from my trip to brazil and if you are following me on Instagram @fashionfootprint you will be able to see a lot of Rio de Janeiro attractions.

Someone asked me before why I don’t do a separate account to share all my travel photos and write some tips about the places I visit, like a travel diary. And I really thought about it. But the fact that I work full time beside my blog gives me so little time to keep up with everything (I think my friends already hates me for not keeping in touch) plus I really do love styling more and that’s what I would like to focus on.




Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.



Items of this look:
Topshop Pants
Zara Shirt
Glassons Jumper
Purificacion Garcia Bag, find it here
Tony Bianco Slides