Layered Textures

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I’m not usually a nagging person, but it’s just not normal what happened to me during the last 2 weeks. I got a little enjury at work which left me with half bruised face for few days, then a week later I fainted on the beach in Mauritius due to heat exhaustion (lesson learnt always keep yourself hydrated while tanning) and lastly I burnt my forehead with the hair curler just 2 days ago, ouch 🤕 (that’s why I spent extra time editing those photos).

Now aside from all that I’m still feeling positive and excited about the new projects I’m working on (will keep you updated soon) and I always find ways to work around my problems and distract myself.

Today I tired to make use of the huge amount of clothes that I keep in my closet and I wore my LBD as a top. Layering is fun especially when you mix some unusual pieces. Playing with textures was the whole idea that got inspired when I was putting this look together.



Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.


Items of this look:
Zara Pants
Mango Dress worn as a Top
Rebecca Minkoff Bag
Zara Leather Jacket
H&M Scarf
Zara Boots