Dark Days


I think this is the longest time I ever stopped posting for the blog. Blogging during your toughest time is a huge challenge especially when you can barley put your pieces together and function as a human.

Last month has been a real challenge for me. I got the news that my dad passed away after landing from an ultra long flight. This text that was sent from my sister has turned my life upside down.

I had no idea when I landed from my flight that day at 06:00 am that I’ll be attending my dad’s funeral by 07:00 pm with my family back home. everything was rapid that my little mind couldn’t absorb it well. I didn’t know what I was doing, I was in a shock that left me feeling numb.

I think life with it’s all ups and downs couldn’t give me a harsher surprise than letting my dad go without saying goodbye. I know I hate goodbyes, but that’s the only goodbye that I was longing for.

I never had a good relationship with my dad since I was young. And even though the last few years were good and completely different, but it was not enough to heal the pain.

All that made me grow up tough and super independent, but I always longed for that missing part of my life, I envied every girl that had good relationship with her dad, but at the end I convinced myself that nothing I could do from my side and I have to accept my destiny.

Even with all that, I was still having hopes that one day I’ll be able to talk to my dad frankly and ask him why we couldn’t maintain a good relationship, why we couldn’t talk and how he let this happen?

But at the end god had different plans. And I think I didn’t pay enough attention to the time. We plan our lives with a great confidence that we could fix up things later, we trust our timings. But sometimes tomorrows never exist in our future’s life.

Today’s post is not about sharing my personal event. It’s an alarm for everyone. If you need to talk about something, do it today and don’t postpone it. If you failed, try again but never give up. Because you have no idea how it would feel painful to live with unanswered questions, with unsolved problems and without saying goodbye.


N.B This look is not recent. Since I didn’t blog for long time, I’ll be posting some of my stored looks along with the new ones, I also have lots of exciting projects coming soon, so please bear with me.



Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.


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  1. Dear Wafaa, I hear you. My sincere condolences for your loss. I myself have been there as well once, when my grandfather passed away and I didn’t get to say goodbye. I wasn’t even told of it until months after. I had felt so angry, so regretful and so sad because my family just simply decided not to tell me (I live 3 hours’ flight from them) and let me focus on my own life – not sure if it was the best decision of life.
    Indeed not everything can be changed or redone and we just need to carry on and live with it. But ever since I have felt that our loved ones who passed away are still around and keeping an eye on us, and that one day for sure we’ll see each other again.
    I hope you have had someone to talk about it, and I wish you a nice week.

    xx, Chloe // http://stylebychloe.com

    • OMG, thank you so much Chloe for sharing this with me. I don’t know how I just saw your comment now. Your experience was even worse than mine,Thanks for your support and for taking the time to write that.