Crop Top and BF Shorts


This is another look from my last vacation to Maldives. Crop tops are still trendy this summer and although I prefer to pair it with skirts but I tried to style it differently this time.

This bag that I’m wearing today I had it almost like 7 years ago, It was a gift from my aunt and I really love to wear it with any jeans.

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Items of this look:

Topshop Crop Top

Bershka shorts

Steve Madden Boots

Black Tied Necklace

Pull & Bear Bracelets & Rings

Vintage Bag

Location: Maafushivaru Resort, Maldives

Floral Kimono


The weather was gloomy and rainy when I was trying to shoot this outfit in Maldives, that’s why I had to shoot it again. You’ll notice there is a bit difference in the light of one of the photos.

The good thing about this Kimono is it’s not only exclusive for your beach vacation. You still can wear it when you go out during the day or at night and it’s a great cover up for windy days 🙂


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Items of this look:

Bershka Whole Outfit

Steve Madden Boots

Urban Outfitters Necklaces

Pull & Bear Bracelets & Rings

River Island Bag

Location: Maafushivaru Resort, Maldives


White Lace Dress in Maldives


This is the 1st look of the outfits the I wore during my vacation in Maldives. When I bought this dress I thought that I need to shoot in a special place to match it’s delicate design. So I found this scenery perfect for this outfit. As you can see here that it was gloomy and grey this day cause it almost rained the whole day but still I was super happy just to be in this paradise and be surrounded with this beautiful crystal clear water.

Thank god the rest of the days it was sunny and we could finally enjoy our vacation. I’ll be sharing with you the rest of these outfits in my next posts but not all of them together so you won’t get bored 🙂

Meanwhile you can check my photos at this wonderful place on Instagram: @fashionfootprint



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Items of this look:

Sheinside Dress

Urban Outfitters Shades

Birkenstock Shoes via Urban Outfitters

River Island Bag

Urban Outfitters Necklace

Location: Maafushivaru Resort, Maldives

Spring At Central Park

DSC_0308DSC_0281DSC_0241DSC_0266 DSC_0277DSC_0257DSC_0323DSC_0259DSC_0309DSC_0332DSC_0356DSC_0285DSC_0345DSC_0377DSC_0407DSC_0391DSC_0278DSC_0304

I only get to feel the spring when I travel as you all know that Dubai doesn’t have 4 seasons and it’s already summer there. So, I was super delighted when I arrived to NYC and found that everything is blooming at Central Park. These Cherry Blossom Trees made me feel spring, I didn’t want to leave this place.

I always wanted to do a post from Central Park but I’ve been delaying that for ages because I usually travel there during winter and I don’t function well when it’s -17 degrees 🙂 I can’t even imagine how I survived without getting sick during that time of the year.

Anyways it’s spring now, so I totally forgot about these blue days and I’m just happy to be here, my girls Marinel, Pijarin and Mary were so kind to me and everyone was helping me to take my photos for the blog. I really enjoyed their company and the whole time we couldn’t stop laughing 🙂 .


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Items of this look:

Bershka T-shirt

Zara Pants

Pull & Bear Jacket

All Star Sneakers

River Island Hat

Michael Kors Bag

Vintage Bracelet (I love this bracelet I bought it from a 12 years old boy who sells these stuff at night and go to school  at morning in Cairo)

Aldo Shades

Shorts and Stripes



This is the first look of the outfits that I wore during my trip to Sri Lanka, although it was not 100% a pleasant trip due to some of my personal issues but I enjoyed my time there.  I’ve been thinking to visit this multi cultural society for almost 2 years and finally I decided to go now. The most thing that I noticed there is these people are really animals’ lovers, there were lots of street dogs lying down in the middle of the streets almost every 5 KM but it seems that it’s something normal and all the drivers are very careful not to hurt them. Sri Lankan people are so friendly with big smiles. I loved everything there from the nature to the food 🙂 (if you don’t like spicy food, consider cooking your own meals as the food in Sri Lanka is very spicy) and the culture. Definitely I’ll make a come back again. I’ll be sharing more photos of this marvelous place in my next posts.

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Items of this look:
Mango Top
Adidas Sneakers
Michael Kors Bag
Stradivarius Shorts
New Yorker Shirt

Hola Barcelona



Greetings from Spain. I’m officially in love with this city, I loved every little corner I walked in. It’s so hard to say why I love this city cause it’s a feeling I can’t describe. but all I can say that it’s going to be on my destination’s wish list every month.

Camel color is so trendy this season especially camel coats. it gives you this wintery look that you always dreamed of and you can layer it with all your favorites’ sweaters keeping your look simple and clean.

I paired my coat today with this classic boot from EMU and I ended up with happy warm feet that kept me walking for hours 😉




*This post was brought to you by EMU Middle East.



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Items of this look:
Stradivarius Sweater
Mango Coat
Bershka Jeans

EMU Boots
H&M Scarf

Black Tied Necklace
Michael Kors Bag

A Casual Day



Christmas decoration is everywhere and I just couldn’t feel happier, I only wish to see that all the year around. I love to go to Australia and enjoy the nature there. the season now is almost summer but it was still a bit chilly that day. Travelling changed a lot of things in my life, open my mind to many cultures and made me happier, but I couldn’t feel happy without the company of this girl that you see with me in the photo. It’s so weird how people can meet for the first time and they get along and feel like they knew each other long time ago.

It was a causal day, so I grabbed my favorite new ripped jeans from Topshop and put on a Tshirt and a jacket, keeping it simple and playful, so I can do my usual long walks in the city without feeling any pain in my legs.


Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:

Mavi Tshirt

Topshop Pants

Garage Jacket

Rue21 Necklace

Bershka Shoes

Michael Kors Bag