Spring At Central Park

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I only get to feel the spring when I travel as you all know that Dubai doesn’t have 4 seasons and it’s already summer there. So, I was super delighted when I arrived to NYC and found that everything is blooming at Central Park. These Cherry Blossom Trees made me feel spring, I didn’t want to leave this place.

I always wanted to do a post from Central Park but I’ve been delaying that for ages because I usually travel there during winter and I don’t function well when it’s -17 degrees 🙂 I can’t even imagine how I survived without getting sick during that time of the year.

Anyways it’s spring now, so I totally forgot about these blue days and I’m just happy to be here, my girls Marinel, Pijarin and Mary were so kind to me and everyone was helping me to take my photos for the blog. I really enjoyed their company and the whole time we couldn’t stop laughing 🙂 .


Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:

Bershka T-shirt

Zara Pants

Pull & Bear Jacket

All Star Sneakers

River Island Hat

Michael Kors Bag

Vintage Bracelet (I love this bracelet I bought it from a 12 years old boy who sells these stuff at night and go to school  at morning in Cairo)

Aldo Shades

Texas Look



After 16 hours flight (working), I didn’t expect my body will be able to do any more humanly functions rather than sleeping, but that was not the case when we arrived Dallas.

My colleagues and I decided to go out straight away to enjoy every minute we are staying there in this beautiful city, especially it was the first time for most of us to be there. So, we recharged our energy with some delicious Mexican food and we hit the road.
It was one of the most unforgettable trips of my life and I totally loved everything about Texas people, the vibes, the nature and the food. the weather was just perfect and we had a lot of fun especially with this bull bigsmile.
Thanks to all my colleagues who made my trip memorable and I really can’t wait to visit Texas again.
I’m so excited to share some good news with you guys. But, hey wait a minute you can read all about it in my next post mrgreen.

Have a fabulous day and thanks for reading my post.

Items of this look:
Muji Shirt
Bershka Leggings
New Look Vest
Stradivarius Boots
Guess Bag
Location: Texas Fort Worth

The Statue of Liberty

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Hello guys, I miss blogging so much.  I’m sorry I was not able to post anything the last week as I was so busy with my exams at work. Thank god I passed and now I’m hassle free. So I was thinking it’s time to release these photos from my last trip to NY which have been sitting in my camera for so long.

I really enjoyed this trip with the company of my best colleagues ever Joanna and Micah, we went for a cruise to see the statue of Liberty and then the museum. And of course I started to take loads of pictures but thanks to my friends there were patients enough to tolerate me the whole time and they even took awesome pictures of me hehehe biggrin . Now the only question I’m still asking here is why this family in one of the photos has this horrific face, maybe coz of my awkward pose, hopefully not. But seriously check it guys they look really like they are in shock eek.

I wish you’ll like the photos and wait for my next posts as I recently did major updates in my wardrobe for the summer and I’ll be posting all my new purchases very soon. Until this time I wish you all happiness and fantastic weekend. Thanks a lot for reading my post.


Items of my look:

Stradivarius Crop sweater

Mango Jeans

Aldo Boots

H&M Necklace