Natural Beauty



Beauty is the best God’s creation, it’s always nice to stop every while and just enjoy what god created for us from beautiful mountains, trees, flowers and water falls. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I arrived to this amazing place, surrounded by nature from every angle which can inspire any person. It gave me a motivation to continue my job. And whenever I see such beauty, I always ask myself how materialistic our life becoming and how busy it is, so we don’t appreciate small things like that. Nature is part of our world and unfortunately is getting destroyed by us for the benefit of technology and human consuming, so if you get a chance to spot any of God’s natural creation, please stop and disconnect yourself from the world for a minute and just enjoy the sound of the natural beauty.

Full description and more information about this location are coming up in my next travel post.


What is your favorite place to enjoy nature and how that inspires you?


Items of this look:

Garage Tee

Massimo Dutti Jeans

Charles and Keith ballerina

Stradivarius Scarf

IIMK Cardigan

Esprit Bag



Blog Off

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Back to my casual roots, I saw this T-shirt in a shop called America Today at Amsterdam Airport and the logo caught my attention, I didn’t started blogging at this time, but it was an inspiration. And then I checked the collection, I found many items I like there. I bought this Parka at the same day, definitely it will be a must stop for me every time I go to Amsterdam , I’m a big fan of long socks and leg warmers, it’s just very comfy and gave my outfit  a bit of edge. It’s perfect for rolling over in the grass as well razz

Do you like to wear Parka?

Items of this look:

America Today T-shirt

America Today Parka

Stradivarius Short

Converse Sneakers

Guess Bag


Zebra Stripes


I’ve been looking lately for one of the most spreading trend which is Zebra Stripes, celebrities have been rocking this trend and I can see a lot of fashion bloggers wearing it, from the top to the pants and even some clutches with Zebra stripes. And for a classic person like me, I was a bit hesitant to try this trend. But when I saw this top in Zara shop I was thinking it might look really nice, so I bought it and I liked it a lot that I’ve been wearing it to almost all the castings I go. I was struggling to take these pictures because we went to the mall on a Friday (this area is just the open area connected to the mall) and if you are living in Dubai, so you should know how much crowded can these malls get in weekends, there were lots of kids running around but I managed to crop them smile

Do you like Zebra Stripes, and how you like to wear it?

Items of this look:

Zara Top

Zara Jacket

Promod Jeans

Accessorize clutch

Senso Heels

H&M and Aldo Accessories



Flowery Spring


Every Easter I think how it’s fantastic opportunity to celebrate it by going to a beautiful garden and enjoy the day. But I never managed to do that as most of the time I was working on this day. Some people have to work on public holidays what to do confused .  But It’s not that big deal for me. So I decided to choose a normal day to go out and enjoy the sun. For my outfit today I wanted to show you how you can wear a flowery skirt in 2 different ways. The 1st look is to match the skirt to a plain silky black top, simple one. And the 2nd look, I matched the skirt to a black crop top, just to add fun to the look and make it more relaxed. The skirt is the master piece of this outfit, it has a little bit of volume and the high waist makes it perfect for any crop top. I love skirts and dresses with volume and you will see me wearing them a lot in my future outfits.



Do you like Crop Tops, do you find it easy to style?

Hope you guys had an awesome Easter and lots of fun.

Items of this look:

Promod Skirt

Bershka Top

Garage Crop Top

Nine West Heels

Location: Habtoor Grand Beach Resort, Dubai.

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A Coffee Break


I really don’t remember when was the last time I had a coffee break maybe because I don’t drink coffee sad. It’s true I don’t drink coffee and I rarely drink tea. But I always enjoy setting in a Coffee shop with friends and chit chatting. I wanted to create a business look but not the usual classic suit. So I paired this striped sweater with a bright red pants and added this glasses to give it a corporate look. And I ended up with this look biggrin. Stripes are really a classic print and it never goes out of fashion. Don’t be afraid to match it to any outfit you like and believe me you’ll receive lots of complements for your look wink. And did I tell you how much I love these elbow patches. It’s amazing and makes this sweater really stand out.



This red cup was a gift from my Aunt, it came with another white one and a little matching spoon,  I really loved it. I hope you liked this look, enjoy your coffee while I’ll be enjoying drinking from this empty cup 😆

Items of this look:

Massimo Dutti Sweater

Garage Pants

Stradivarius Shirt

Aldo Heels

Guess Wallet

Color Block in a Beauitful Sunset




Color block is one of the new trends I personally like coz it gives you a unique look and the brightness of the color can really add lots of character to your look. For my outfit today I chose blue as it’s one of my favorite colors and I enjoy wearing it in all different shades. It’s a classic look to match the sunset in the background. This look is prefect for a romantic dinner by the beach or just a normal dinner (I don’t want single girls to be mad at me 😉 ). I’ll leave you now with the rest of the photos.


Tell me if like the Color-Block trend and what is your favorite color for this look.

Items of this look:

Mango Dress

H&M Necklace

Mulberry Bag

Aldo Heels

Location: Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai, UAE.